Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: We are the future and you are the past!

For the major national issue of Macedonia, Nikos Michaloliakos stressed the organized acts of the media and the political system for the extinction of this issue.

He referred to the provocative statements of the prime minister of Skopje Zaev for the dignity of “the Macedonians outside of Macedonia”, to whom he answered: “Macedonians are Greeks and the people of Skopje are Slavs”. Zaev is creating an issue of national minority in our Homeland and the government is ignorant. 

Any offer of the name of our Macedonia to the usurpers of Skopje constitutes treason and the Comrades of Golden Dawn will resist in every way, according to the article 120 of the Constitution.
He referred to the statement of Erdogan in Kommotini regarding “four of his deputies in the Greek Parliament” and he challenged these deputies to state if their “mother country is Turkey”. Concerning the Turkish threats, he answered that the Homeland of our heart reaches Adrianopolis, Trabzon, Smyrna and Constantinople.

Regarding the recent statement of State Department that “the two communities in Cyprus should equally exploit the resources” he made it clear that USA and Europe have abandoned us for the shake of Turkey. The only answer that Turkey understands is the answer of power. 

He denounced the government SYRIZA for leaving 2 Greek militaries at the mercy of Turkey, stressing the fact that the government adopted the Turkish point of view, according to which the Greek soldiers trespassed in Turkish territory. 

He ended his speech declaring: “You call fascists, racists and scamps, but we are the future and you are the past!”.

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  1. There's no slur the elites and mainstream media won't call normal white folks. But the tide is turning, they're afraid, and their day is coming to an end.


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