Monday, 5 February 2018

''Macedonia belongs to its bears'’: counter protest in Athens by far leftists

Unbathed Far leftists, hold a sign mocking the Greek Macedonia rally saying ''Macedonia belongs to it's bears''

At the same time that more than one million Hellenes were gathering in Syntagma Square to protest against betrayal of Macedonia, a leftist anarchist para-military mob of the state, who had been instructed by the government to challenge the great rally, gathered.
Ultimately, because these traitors impunity could not secure their impunity from the Hellenes, the paratroopers found it better to retreat to Exarchia and wait like a hyena for someone to move individually to their area.

In the end, what they did was to punch a motorcyclist whilst riding his bike, who had being carrying a Hellenic flag.  These anarchists and far leftists have the audacity to accuse others of being fascist and violent, when these para-troopers  of the state, constantly try and attack any individuals that have a different view to the globalist government.  Not to mention, every stance these traitors take is opposed to Hellas and the Hellenic people.  They take pride in going against their own people.  After all, the whole concept of Marxism and far leftism, is the destruction of the state in it's current form, in order to make way for a world with no nation borders. Because of their deliberate and constant activity that aims to oppose Hellenes and their interests, when Golden Dawn gets in power, these traitors and cancer cells, will be made to pay for their crimes against the Hellenic people. 

The motorcycle victim

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