Thursday, 1 February 2018

Golden Dawn: The anti-Hellenic Nimitz out, who dared to call “Macedonians”, the people of Skopje

The People's Association - Golden Dawn today gave a reply to Nimitz’s anti-Hellenic proposals:
"The anti-Hellenic Nimitz, who dared to call Macedonians the gypsies of Skopje, is undesirable in Greece.
Every conversation with them is an act of betrayal.
And of course, his proposals, all containing the term Macedonia, are despicable and nationally unacceptable."

Spokesman for Golden Dawn - Ilias Kasidiaris 

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  1. That arsehole Nimitz doesn't care about the true history of Macedonia.We all know that Macedonia was always Greek.Just dig in the earth and you will find the truth.All these American shit stirrers are interested in is to put more American bases in the Balkans to counter Russia's encroachment in the region.Like the Skopjians,they have one thing in common.They are both thieves and liars.


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