Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Major political action in the Piraeus Region

Political action in the Piraeus district downtown, took place on Saturday, December 30.
The action was attended by dozens of Nationalists, who handed out to residents of Piraeus, hundreds of sheets of printed material of the Nationalist Movement. Nationalists during action chatted with residents of Piraeus, who approached them in order to interact with them and discuss the problems of their region. Despite the exclusion of the Golden Dawn from all media, citizens of Piraeus welcomed the action of the Golden Dawn, the only political force that gives priority to the Greeks at a time when all other political parties are battling for the rights of illegal rapefugees.

The acceptance of the community proves that the working-class neighbourhoods of Piraeus and the entire region, support the struggle of the Golden Dawn and are part of it. Golden Dawn will continue the fight for a free Greece!


  1. While news via the Internet helps strengthen the cause, Golden Dawn's actions at ground level and for its people speaks far louder than words alone. This is one area in which mainstream politics can't diminish what the masses can see for themselves. Powerless to stop this, short of using military force which would only advance Golden Dawn's cause, the media and corrupted political parties can only watch as each of these activities brings yet more of the general public to the cause.