Saturday, 23 December 2017

New Islamic terrorist attack in Melbourne - Leftists a walking, talking contridiction of themselves

Afghan rapefugee, Saaed Noori, a couple of days ago ran over innocent people in Melbourne injuring 19 people, including a toddler, who's in a critical condition, during this Christmas period. 
This attack emulated the Islamic terrorist car attacks in Europe.

Victorian state police stated, we shouldn't jump to conclusions at this stage, but than contradicted themselves by jumping to a conclusion themselves, by saying it nothing do with terrorism, he was just mentally unwell.
Police and globalist Victorian state government were hand in hand working together to try and keep people from waking up to the obvious fact that Moslems themselves are a serious problem in Western society.
However while in hospital, terrorist Saaed Noori however contradicted the initial Victorian state government and police excuse, stating that the reason he did it, was because he was ''unhappy with the treatment of Moslems.''
What police and the government don't realize however is that with the exception of mentally stunted far-leftists, people have stopped believing their cover up propaganda, as they've used the same excuse repeatedly before.  They said that Islamic terrorist Haron Monis in 2014, did it because he was ''mentally unwell with psychological issues''.  They said that mixed raced, Islamic convert James Gargasoulas who ran over innocent's last year, was mentally unwell also.  The same excuse has been used with several Islamic terrorists in Europe aswell.  The excuse is old.

What is hilarious here, is the obvious and blatant hypocracy of the leftists.  

When celebrity gardener Don Burke just recently used a mental condition he has as an excuse for his alleged harassment of females, leftists and feminists were jumping up and down attacking Don Burke, saying his alleged mental health issue was no excuse for his behavior.
But when  police and government were using ''mental health'' as a cover up rather than terrorism as the reason, leftists were gleefully stating over social media that Saaed Noori wasn't a terrorist, but just has psychological issues.  Never mind that fact that Saaed Noori himself stated that he drove the car into people due to the mistreatment of Moslems.

Leftists out raged at mental health used as an excuse for Don Burke's behavior.

Leftists gleefully posting that mental health, not terrorism, was the reason for the attack.

Are Anarchists and far leftists not a constant walking, talking contradiction of themselves?  

I wonder, if a White Australian named John Smith deliberately drove through and killed Moslems in Turkey during Ramadan, because he didn’t like the way Muslims treated Christians, would the Turkish police, media and government say John Smith did it because of mental health issues, and the attack had nothing to do with terrorism?  Ye right.  Maybe it's time that these far leftist hypocrites, police and media, admit that Moslems are the problem, and are statistically by far the biggest cause of terrorism.

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