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N. G. Michaloliakos article from 2003: “The question is who will be first: The International Monetary Fund or the fourth turkish army?...”

Republication of an article of the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos for the magazine “Golden Dawn”, April 2003:

Many accuse us of being romantic, of not realizing the harsh reality of our times, of not adapting to this new era. Of course, there are also our many enemies and their false statements regarding our Movement…

As for those who claim that Golden Dawn plays a dirty role, all of them have been refuted and all of those who are not still refuted, they will be in the future.

In the famous novel of Karagatsis “Blood lost and gained’', there is a chapter which describes the psychology of the traitor, where Michalis Roussis almost became a traitor because nobody believed him that he was miraculously saved in the battle of Maniaki and everyone considered him a coward and a fugitive. He decided to become a traitor due to feelings of revenge. Those kind of traitors today, accuse Golden Dawn, they ended being insufficient and due to their inability for self-criticism, they have targeted Golden Dawn. For them, this is the lost dream of a fiery youth, to which they did not remain loyal.

It seems absurd to these traitors the fact that in Greece, rotting day by day, there are still some uncompromised, loyal to their ideals, fanatic. A special human being, who knew about people and things, once told me that our reality looks like a death rattle. The question is who will come first: The International Monetary Fund or the fourth Turkish army?

And while this is our harsh reality, everyone is concerned with the “reality shows”, football and the upcoming elections. With no doubt, we resemble to the crazy man in the village, who speaks the truth, yet no one believes him. So, the easy solution for people, is to claim that we are either instruments of the system or romantic…
The obvious duty towards the Homeland, the honor and the values, became romanticism according to them! Living for your ideas and not from your ideas is considered today romanticism, like collecting butterflies, or picking flowers at the fields!

We do not complain about the dirty war against us from enemies and “friends”. It is completely normal to try in every way to stop us, to silence our voice, to prevent the rise of our Movement. They know that in our case there is no way of compromising.
They know that we will never retreat from our stance. And for those who wonder why we keep fighting, we shall answer them with a picture, the picture of the march of thousand Comrades of Golden Dawn in the center of Athens. The march of some special men and women who “so not wait for the barbarians”, but there are resolved to fight till the end. And this is no romanticism, it's harsh and raw realism for the survival of the Nation.”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn

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