Thursday, 20 April 2017

XA Australia stands in Solidarity with Those Abandoned by Tsipras

A large distribution of food was raised by Australian supporters of Golden Dawn, with the aim of providing helping provide relief to struggling families looking to get through the Easter holiday period.

The food was purchased by local Greek producers, and distributed to those in need throughout the West Attica region. This includes the forgotten families who are without any reliable income, and have been left to fend for themselves while the government spends millions to accommodate Middle Eastern men pretending to be refugees. Some of these forgotten families have lost their homes while foreigners are put in ex-hotels, all at the expense of the working Greeks.

While the media has largely ignored the financial crisis (as well as rampant ant-Hellenic treachery of the current regime), Golden Dawn supporters have not forgotten those who are suffering in poverty. Every family we assist brings hope to a people who have been robbed of everything, and a guarantee that Hellenes on the other side of the world will stand by their side, regardless of how dire the future may seem.

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