Thursday, 6 April 2017

More Silence from the Anti-Hellenic System

Following the latest terrorist attack on the Golden Dawn Head Office in Athens by Parra State Anarchists, the newspaper ‘Republic’ makes the following observations:

Allow me to make two remarks regarding the “democratic" attack on the offices of Golden Dawn.
Firstly, the fact that no party objected to the attack means that they agree with this act… how very “democratic” of them.
Secondly, the attitude of the police. Read this with regards to "democracy": 11 people were prosecuted, which after some time where allowed to leave freely’.

It is clear that we are living in a state of Anarcho-Tyranny, where the system choses when to apply the law and when to ignore it. In this case, any attack on Golden Dawn is overlooked by the state, while the law is stretched beyond imagination to persecute us for crimes that have no even been committed.

Why is it that the state is incapable of bringing to justice the cold blooded killers of Giorgo and Mano, yet the entire Golden Dawn party leadership can be dragged through the mud in an ongoing court case that has yet to prove (after many years) that the party is a criminal organisation? The Anti-Hellenic system is simply unsustainable, and not because of its failed economic policies which have slowly bankrupt the country over the last 35 years, but because of the blatant hypocrisy which the Greek people see every day.


  1. Instead of persecuting Greek patriots,why doesn't the corrupt state check who enters the country illegally?Have these traitors ever considered how many spies from Turkey and other countries roam the country at their leisure!Maybe these individuals might be more dangerous to national security than the proud Greeks who voice their opinion for a better Greece for all Greeks.

  2. Its all provocation. They want GD to react, to deliver retribution, or at least some supporter or member reacting violently. Then the media can lynch you and ZOG shut you down. Keep it up!

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