Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Another Laughable attempt to falsely link Golden Dawn to attacks on migrants

Another laughable accusation has been attempted in order to smear the Golden Dawn, showing once again the pure desperation of the deep state and their futile attempts to shut down the Nationalist movement.
When the Samaras regime lost the confidence to challenge Golden Dawn in the polls, they resorted to an orchestrated, unconstitutional, political witch hunt which saw the Nationalists thrown in gaol almost over night. The narrative here was to ensure Golden Dawn had a legal responsibility on all violence caused by the multicultural experiment imposed by the oligarchs & globalists. In other words, Golden Dawn was to have some sort of imaginary monopoly on all racial violence in Greece, and was to be held accountable as such.
These desperate ‘guilty by association’ attempts included the linking of a fatal road rage incident between 2 Greeks and a Pakistani in January 2013, as well as the shooting of 28 migrant workers by a disgruntled strawberry farmer in April 2013. None of the accused where Golden Dawn members, and where not proven to be so by the courts yet, the State tried tirelessly to pin the attacks on Golden Dawn well after the political crackdown, despite having no relation to the attacks. Some other accusations against Golden Dawn proved to be inter-ethnic conflicts between opposing migrant groups, again smashing the absurdity that Golden Dawn is responsible for all racially motivated attacks across Greece.
The latest revelations are even far more laughable, as the courts tried again to pin ludicrous claims in a failed attempt to further tarnish the party this week.
In these 2 latest instances, a man had ventured into a local neighbourhood which had been transformed into a den of prostitution and drug trafficking thanks to the latest influx of African migrants. Frustrated with the loud music, swearing, and breaking of glass bottles on the street at all hours of the night, the man was accompanied by another individual, who then proceeded to smash the glass of an African store, that was supposedly at the centre of this ongoing ruckus.
What separates this from other ‘racially motivated’ attacks falsely attributed to Golden Dawn is the nature of the 2 attackers. The first man is an ethnic Jew, who in a statement claimed to be son of ‘Solomon & Rachel’, and the descendant of a holocaust victim. The other ‘individual’ who accompanied the Jew in the attack was in infact a transsexual by the name ‘Anna’!
One day, we are ‘anti-semitic homophobes’, next we are being accused of recruiting Jews and Transsexuals for attacks on migrants. The desperate state is now unable to maintain its hopeless narrative on Golden Dawn as their lies collapse before the courts.

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