Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The 3rd World Effect: Meet The ‘new’ Face of Athens in 2016

A criminal organisation was recently dismantled in late November, operating In the city of Athens, with estimated revenue to me no less than 20 million EUR a month!

The drug ring was particularly active in the densely popular centre of Athens, often in broad daylight, which shows just how brazen the criminals have become in a city ruled by an anti-Hellenic, Leftist regime. The below video demonstrates the reality of what has become of a country, that was often one of the most traditional and socially conservative in Europe.

You may notice from the faces that your average ‘Greek’ drug dealer in Athens isn’t likely to be called Yianni or Taki. Instead, a criminal government enterprise that governs both the EU and Greece has expressed global solidarity with the dregs of the world, bringing an unprecedented 3rd world crime wave to our shores.

The faces are mostly African and Albanian, and their behaviour is almost always exclusively as violent as it is criminal. Add this to the countless rapes, robberies and general decline in living standards in Athens over the last 15 years, and ask yourself, is there any real benefit to Greeks from mass 3rd world immigration?  

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