Friday, 14 October 2016

Nikos Michos on current events in Greece

Golden Dawn MP Nichos Michos of Evia recently shared his thoughts on the air with Andreas Stamatopoulos at

Michos said the Anti-Hellene regime of Syriza had orchestrated a series of ‘hot spots’ around the country, which act as government subsidized hubs to house the 3rd world invaders of Greece. The particular hotspot at Ritsona was found recently to throwing hundreds of food portions into the waste, food that was intended for ungrateful ‘refugees’. When asked if the food could be shared with homeless Greeks, the hosting centre said they where instructed to throw the remains out. This practice generates many questions, as the current situation suggests Greeks are being purposely excluded, while nearly 1 third of our people suffer on the brink of poverty.

Next on the discussion, Michos spoke about the recent closing of the police case that was responsible for the investigation of the murder of our 2 fallen comrades, Fountoulis & Kapelonis. It is clear the state had no such intention to ever solve the case (assuming the deep state had nothing to do with it in the first place), as is evident by the fact that the Flyssas case against Golden Dawn MPs remains open.

On the issue of the Law, Michos stressed that while it is clear there is a bias against Nationalists and a clear lack of double standards, the fact that Golden Dawn remains the 3rd largest party, suggests there are still some honest judges who not all paid off by the regime.

Michos then discussed the economic crisis which still plagues Greece, (despite the international media’s loss of interest in the topic), as well as the latest auctioning laws which are hurting the Greek working & middle class. The poor of Greece are falling further into declines, as mass unemployment in Michos’ constituency in Evia continues to exacerbates the situation with auctions and soft loans.

Lastly, Michos discussed how Turkish provocation and the resurrection of the Chan issue clearly show that Greece is not a sovereign nation, but decides it’s foreign policy based on the political will of rival nations who happily assert themselves in our affairs.

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