Sunday, 30 October 2016

Michaloliakos on the anniversary of October 28, 1940 - OXI DAY

October 28, 1940 is a day that glorified the history of our Nation, a day when Hellenism in it's entirety (through the National Leader Ioannis Metaxas) proclaimed a big OXI (NO) to the attacker.

It is a disgrace that this OXI is now honored by the servants of the foreigners who now dominate our Fatherland and say 'yes' to any foreign usurer, who essentially has imposed on Greece a regime of occupation.

Nikos Michaloliakos - General Secretary of Golden Dawn

Editors notes: It is important to remember that Metaxas of the Ultra Nationalist 4th of August Regime said NO not only to the invading Axis forces, but also to international usurers. 

Prior to October 28, 1940, Greece like today was burdened in debt to a number of (((International Bankers))) based in Northern Europe, for loans that where acquired to pay off munitions and other resources during Greece's armed struggle for independence. 

In the interests of the Greek people, all public funds where directed to raising fellow Greeks out of poverty, rather than paying off international usurers. Yet Greece's living standards continued to improve during this period, and it was only the bankers that lost out for their predatory behaviour. 

This same Nationalistic attitude, that in the spirit of OXI, must be enacted today should we ever have any chance in securing our people from the International Loan Sharks. 

~XA Sydney 

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