Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Thermopylae 2016

Golden Dawn’s annual Thermopylae took place on Sunday, commemorating King Leonidas and the brave 300 who stood against the hordes of Xerxes.

Hundreds of fellow agoniestes from across Greece and Cyprus attended the event, with guest speakers including Golden Dawn MPs, and other known party leaders. In this year’s speeches, we are reminded how the Persian Empire was the first precursor to modern globalism, which destroyed nations in favour of controlling hundreds of different ethnic groups in the hands of a small number of decadent elite. Like our struggle today, we fight against an international force that is pitting Greeks against Greeks, so they can incorporate our once sovereign state into their Global cultureless super state, at the expense of our identity, history and pride.

The event was also covered by RT, who wrote the following:

Hundreds of members of the far-right Golden Dawn party participated in a torch lit march at the Thermopylae Pass, some 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Athens, on Saturday, to commemorate the Battle of Thermopylae from 480 BC. The myth surrounding the battle retells how King Leonidas held out for three days with 300 only Spartans against thousands of Persians."

Most of the event can be found here:

More videos and images can be found below:

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