Thursday, 15 September 2016

N. G. Michaloliakos: The Armed Forces must take charge of the illegal immigration issue

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, during his conversation with the journalist D. Giannakopoulos, expressed his expectations for a political cohabitation, as seen in Germany, with Golden dawn being the third political force, in the possible elections, whenever they come. 

The Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, commenting on the current events at “Parapolitika”, defends the upgrading of the role of the Armed Forces, taking into account the problem of illegal immigration, where “chaos prevails” and the disposition of Turkey towards Greece. 
“Solely our Armed Forces have the capacity to control this situation and when they intervene, they solve the matters forthrightly, without provoking conflicts” he declares, regarding the incident of the four Turks that have been recently located in an island of the Aegean Sea, who were abruptly encountered by military force. He states that: “The government, instead of utilizing the Army, entrusts the administration of the migration flows to foreign and anti-national NGOs (Non Government Organisations) ”. He also estimates that following the failed coup of 15th of July against Erdogan, “Turkey emerges extremely upgraded in a geopolitical level as well”. So, “if Greece sincerely demands to play a significant role in the upcoming developments, she cannot count on NGOs and their so called rhetoric about solidarity”.

Antinational Legislation brought by Filis, regarding our Education

He revealed his discontent about the recently enacted legislation for the Education: “This legislation not only does it not serve, but in fact it assaults the national and religious conscious of Greeks. It is unconstitutional, since according to the Constitution, the Education is a main objective of the State, aiming for the moral, mental, professional and physical edification of Greeks and the development of their national and religious consciousness”. Finally, he mentions that the government once again misinterprets the meaning of Isocrates’ words, aspiring to offer citizenship “to all those who have taken Greek education”. He concludes that: “The meaning of this phrase is that Isocrates considers as true Greeks, only those who have taken an Attic education…Greeks can only be born, they cannot derive from the schools”.

SYRIZA-ND power-sharing, following the example of Germany

Mr Michaloliakos accuses SYRIZA and personally Mr Tsipras, predicting the positive disposition of the society towards the “real Right party” and the “Nationalistic Right Wing”. As he declares: “Greeks are driven to their economic ravaging, during the governance of SYRIZA and ANEL. These two political parties don’t own the right to criticize the actions of our loaners. They voted for everything, they entered Greece in the 3rd Memorandum and now they try to persuade the rest of us that they are about to bring the progress in this country”. SYRIZA will inevitably form a political cohabitation with ND, “since both of them follow the same policy towards troika, no matter how they shout, in order to show that they criticize each other and that we can find indeed ideological differences between them. ND does not wish for elections, given the fact that they wait for further wretchedness and poverty of the people.”

He claims that: “Mr Tsipras abandoned bolshevism and moved to social democracy, in order to govern with Mr Mitsotakis, similar to the events in Germany, with Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the Socialists.” He also estimates that: “The vested interests brought the Centre-left governance, so as long as their desires will be fulfilled, the political developments will be more intense”.

Article by XA Hellas
Edited by XA Melbourne

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  1. It's about time the tanks returned to the streets in Greece.And all those who betrayed and sold Greece to foreign interests should be brought to justice.And all those invaders from the third world that occupy Greece will be sent back to where they came from.Greece is small but it is not a poor country.Those who controlled and ruled the country all these years made Greece poor.They robbed it blindly.Only a handful of corrupt people lived liked lords in the country.Most other Greeks just managed to get by with little change in the future for themselves and their children.Greeks wake up!It's time to change Greece for the better.


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