Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Michaloliako is now free from house arrest

Today, the Athenian Council of Appeal made a decision to lift Golden Dawn party leader Michaloliako from house arrest, showing once again that justice can prevail in even the most darkest of times. The Athens Court of Appeal, by decision of the EEA Joint Committee was forced to do what everyone knew would have to happen, and lift the illegal internment which expired after 18 month of being held without charge.

Other good news was a similar decision to release Eleni Zaroulia, Michaloliako’s wife and Golden Dawn MP for Athens, who is now free house arrest. Zaroulia was held for months under vague circumstances, which have all but collapsed even under the mildest legal scrutiny.
The Council of Appeals requires Michaloliako to report to the police department 3 times per months, within the limits of the Attica region, and consistent with the movements required as a political party leader. At the same time, all corrupt oligarchs, PASOK frauds, and other cheats who have been found to responsible for real crimes are allowed to circulate freely.

This is just another reminder of how little evidence the Golden Dawn show trial actually relies on, proving once again that the courts are abusing their judicial powers to draw out a legal proceeding to slow down the inevitable explosion of nationalism. The Greek people are fed up with the sell out Syriza internationalists, and the only anti-memorandum party that doesn’t play by the banksters rules has proven to be a threat to the usurers strangle hold on the nation. 

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