Saturday, 27 June 2015

You are born Greek, you dot not 'become' Greek

This week, the Marxists of Syriza passed a bill that essentially signs away Greece's ethnic sovereignty, offering Greek citizenship to untold numbers of foreign aliens. This is the beginning of the end for the criminal Syriza regime, as they now attempt to boost their votes by legalising potentially hundreds of thousands of non-Greeks. The reason Syriza has done this is that they know true Hellenes will never vote for them again- when Tsipras predictably signs the new memorandum next week, which they promised to tear up before their election into power earlier this year.

Counting 172 votes in favour, Golden Dawn voted against the bill which shamefully sells out the very foundation Greece was built on. The heroes of our War of Independence shed their blood for the creation of a nation specifically for ethnic Greeks. Embedded in the very constitution which christened the Greek Nation in 1822, the Hellenic Republic is an Ethno-State for Greeks, and only those who are Greek by blood are eligible for Citizenship. A 'multicultural Greece' is not only an oxymoron, but an insult to the men and women who died for an independent Greece.

The bill was passed with little front page coverage, shadowed by the fake media frenzy concerning the debt crisis, which Syriza is capitalising on in order to distract from their inevitable surrender to the International loan sharks next week. If Syriza is so confident in legalising potentially millions of non-Greeks, then why pass the bill while the entire nation is distracted with the economic talks, and why not hold a national referendum on the issue? This is because they know Golden Dawn is the only party that represents the views of the overwhelming majority of Greeks on our identity, standing firmly against the extension of our citizenship to alien people, many who have been historically hostile to the Hellenism.

Today, the Greeks worry about their jobs (for those few that have them), their pensions, and their bleak futures. When Tsipras breaks the very reason he was elected into power, and re-signs the memorandum next week, Greece will be counting its last few months before its inevitable financial collapse.

Under the huge strain of austerity, the massive loan repayments which Greece can not sustain will lead to the collapse of the public sector, pensions and all state infrastructure. When this happens, do the Marxist social engineers of Syriza think they can remain in power buy buying their votes with cheap foreigners? In these last few weeks, Syriza has laid down the foundation for the beginning of their end, from the legalisation of non-Greeks, to the signing of the new memorandum, two measures which bring the nation ever so close to complete and total civil unrest. Syriza may think they have gotten away with this bold move, but they will be in for a very huge shock when working class Greeks have no bread to eat in the near future.

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