Saturday, 27 June 2015

On the so called 'tough negotiations' and upcoming referendum

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we could easily reduce this picture of the 'tough negotiations' to just a few.

Syriza's pre-election war cries of 'tearing up the memorandum' and ending austerity was all purely lies and endless propaganda, to secure their vote into power, taking advantage of an entire nation which has fallen on extremely hard times. Tsipras has no intention of 'tearing up the memorandum', or ending austerity, he is more interested in creating an extravagant political show and media frenzy before signing away our national sovereignty to the international loan sharks.

Syriza, like most Marxist movements, act nothing more than a safety valve for the capitalist elite. The international bankers now have Greece on its knees, and want it to remain a subjugated state paying annual tribute to the usurers. To ensure Greece's compliance, Samaras promised the Greeks a hard government which would negotiate for a 'better deal' with the Troika in order to convince them tough times would pay off in the end. Once in power, his overt and non-apologetic policies of being completely subservient to the memorandum angered the Greek people, who showed signs of far too much instability to the loan sharks. This is where Syriza comes in, the controlled 'Marxist' opposition which took over Greece earlier this year in snap elections on the promise they would end austerity.

Syriza has already admitted to crossing many of their so called pre-election 'red lines', in an attempt to fool the Greek people into thinking they are actually taking a standing. Behind the manufactured media drama is nothing more than a distraction from their inevitable submission to another memorandum. Syriza's so called 'Greek proposal' is objectively speaking another new memorandum, with a few word changes for the 'troika' and 'memorandum', which are now to be referred to as our 'partners' & 'agreement'. Other minor details to VAT & high end income taxes are largely irrelevant, given the government will still be collecting the same amount of overly burdening taxes from ordinary working class Greeks in order to make interest payments.

The bottom line is that under Syriza's 'Greek proposal', Greece will still sign away its national sovereignty, and continue to make austerity payments to the international loan sharks. Pensions and other public cuts under Syriza's proposal are no different to what the Greeks already had under known sell-out Samaras, meaning the Tsipra's media circus is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors trick with no substance. Syriza is attempting to publicly exhaust all options in order to return empty handed to the Greeks, and assure them that after his 'fight' that there are no other options except for more austerity.

This so called plan for a national referendum on the bail out talks are again nothing more than an act of controlled opposition. For those Marxists that actually read beyond the headlines, they may have noticed that the option for the complete and absolute termination of austerity is not on the Syriza menu. Instead, Greek voters will be duped into thinking they have a say on their national sovereignty, when in reality they have 2 austerity packages to chose from; 1 on offer by the EU, and the other austerity package on offer by Tsipras, which is little different to the conditions we saw under Samaras.

If Tsipras wants to give the Greek people a genuine say on the bailout talks, then why doesn't he offer a 3rd option, for the termination of austerity, in line with his pre-election promise to the Greek people? The Greeks are to be given a choice between a rock and a hard place, one on offer by Capitalists, and the other on offer by Marxists. Golden Dawn is the only party that offers a 3rd option, that of the complete termination of the memorandum, the ending of all austerity measures, and the Geo-political alignment of Greece away from the Eurozone, and towards Russia.

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