Thursday, 31 August 2017

Quick list - Who controls the world in 2017

Last year we gave you a list of who controls the world.
We'll give you a quick list of who controls our world in 2017. This list is even more comprehensive.

The most powerful country in the world right now, is the USA. Western country's are often told what to do, and when to do it by the U.S.  But who controls the U.S?  Is it the U.S. president? Nope. They are simply Puppets of their big donors.

The most powerful of those who control:  
1. The Media - Forms the opinion of the masses and pressures the government into doing what it wants. 

2. Hollywood and Television - Forms the culture and ethics, that's forced on the masses

3. U.S. Federal Reserve Bank - The Money

4. Presidential campaign donors - They tell the President's what to do.

The media in particularly is possibly the most effective weapon, as it has been used as a tool to control the minds of the masses, as well as in modern times along with Hollywood, which promotes every form of degeneracy, such as such recreational drug use, binge drinking, homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, promiscuity and marriage adultery, which has led to the eroding away of Christian culture and ethics in our White Christian society and is ruining our Western society.
However, so we don't seem biased, we'll simply list the people who control these organizations, and let you the reader, be able to decide for yourself which group of people you think controls the USA, therefore the world.

Big T.V. Media Channels:

1. ABC (Disney) channel/news: Bob Iger – CEO (Jew)
2. NBC (Comcast) channel/news: Brian L. Roberts – CEO (Jew)
3. CBS channel/news: Leslie Moonves – CEO (Jew)
4. CNN channel/news: No CEO, Jeff Zucker – President (Jew)
5. Fox channel/news: Rupert Murdoch – CEO (assumed Anglo)

1. Walt Disney: Bob Iger – CEO (Jew)
2. Sony Pictures: No CEO, Thomas Rothman - Chairman (Jew)
3. Universal Studios (Comcast): Brian L. Roberts – CEO (Jew)
4. 20th Century Fox: Stacey Snider - CEO (Jew)
5. Paramount Pictures: Jim Gianopulos – CEO (Hellene)
6. Warner Brothers: Kevin Tsujihara - CEO (Jap)

1. Lions Gate Films: Jon Feltheimer - CEO (Jew)
2. STX films: Robert Simons - CEO (Jew)
3. Open Road Films: Tom Ortenberg - CEO (assumed Jew)
4. The Weinstein's Company: No CEO, Bob & Harvey Weinstein - Private Owners (Jews)
5. Amblin Partners: Michael Wright - CEO (Unknown)
6. CBS Films: Leslie Moonves - CEO (Jew)
7. MGM: Gary Barber - CEO (Jew)

U.S. Federal Reserve Bank:

Chairperson - Janet Yellen (Jew)
Vice Chairman - Stanley Fischer (Jew)
Previous Chairman from Janet - Ben Shalom Bernanke (Jew)
Previous from Ben - Alan Greenspan (Jew)

1. James H Simons - $5,000,000 (Jew)
2. Fred Eychaner - $4,500,000 (Jew) Wiki says he's Methodist, but Israeli media say he's Jew.
3. Mr J Steve & Amber Mostyn $3,3003,850 (Jew)
4. Jeffrey Katzenberg - $3,000,000 (Jew)
5. United Association Union - $2,965,000 (Plumbers Union)
6. Jon Stryker - $2,000,000 (Jew)
7. Irwin Mark Jacobs (Jew)

As we can see from the list. Obviously not a whole lot has changed since last year.
Of course, let us known in the comments section, who you think controls the U.S. and the world...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Golden Dawn honours the heroic Captain Stavrianakos at Skoutari Mani

For another year Golden Dawn honoured the memory of the heroic Captain Sotiris Stavrianakos who hails from Mani at his official memorial service in his birthplace of Skoutari, Lakonia. Many supporters of Golden Dawn were in attendance while the media representative of the movement Ilias Kasidiaris laid a wreath on behalf of the Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos. 

With the Hero Of Cyprus and legend of the Command Powers General Ilias Glentzes

The absence of any political and military leaders was obvious and noted amongst the locals who were present, many of whom expressed their disappointment at the absence.

Captain Sotiris Stavrianakos – IMMORTAL!